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COVID-19 & Appointment Options

Coronavirus pandemic: Important Policy Changes

To respect our client's health and safety, East Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital is addressing the serious concerns with Covid-19. In accordance with CDC and MA Public Health recommendations, we have implemented the following policies. We ask our clients to please remain in their car and NOT to enter the building to reduce the risk of transmission.  As a result we are implementing video conferencing services, home delivery of medications and food, and car-side appointment options. Please call to discuss these options with our staff as described below. 

 In addition, please understand that we are working hard to follow strict physical distancing as recommended by public health officials. Our staff will utilize gloves and masks as well as other personal protective equipment in order to protect the health of you, your pet,  and our staff. Please note that animals can both carry Covid-19 and become infected with Covid-19.  As we continue to prioritize cleanliness, we want to ensure our clients that our staff is continuing to perform a thorough cleaning after each appointment, including a wipe down of the exam room and equipment. We also want to ensure you that it has been our long standing policy to perform a deep cleaning and disinfection of the hospital every evening.

Appointment and Care Options During the Covid-19 Pandemic

For wellness, urgent care visits, and elective procedures, we are performing car-side/curbside appointments by appointment only.

1. When you arrive at your appointment time, please pull along the building into one of the lettered locations. This is not a line, simply a location for our team to know where you are parked.

2. Please call our office 508-378-2700. Please dial again if the line is busy as we are doing our best to accommodate the increased phone calls. Please also try to remember to charge your cell phone and temporarily allow for unknown numbers as we are often using personal cell phones to talk with you in an effort to expand our phone line service during this time. As a result, the doctor may call you from an unknown number to discuss any concerns with your pet's health during your appointment. If you do not have a cell phone, please notify our team when you call to schedule your appointment so that we can accommodate your needs.

3. We are asking for our clients to pay over the phone with a credit card in an effort to reduce contact. A team member will ask for your payment information when you arrive and call to let us know that you are here. This will help us to be as efficient with our time as possible and minimize your wait time.

4. After you have checked in, the doctor will call to discuss any concerns you would like us to address with your pet during your appointment. As noted above, this call may be from an unknown number as we try to expand our phone line options.

5. A team member will then arrange to meet you at your car or have you bring your pet to the front door to transfer into the building. We ask that you please wear a mask during this time as it can be difficult to achieve recommended physical distancing.  We also ask that if you have a loose fitting collar on your dog, one of our team members can give you a lead to also use so that your dog can not slip out of their collar for safety.

6. Your pet will then come alone into our office to visit with our team. One of our doctors and several team members will perform a thorough physical exam and address all of the concerns that you had previously discussed. We ask that you please wait in the car during this time and do not leave as the time away from you may be brief and our team members may have additional questions.

7. As soon as all of your pet's needs have been addressed, a team member will bring your pet back to your car or call and ask you to meet them at the front door. The doctor will then call again to go over everything that was noted during your pet's visit and address any additional questions that you may have.

8. We will then check you out using the payment information that you supplied when you arrived. 

9. Any medications or diet therapies will then be brought out to your car prior to you leaving.

10. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we are working hard to protect everyone's health and safety.

Curb Side Delivery and Pick-Up:

We will deliver medications and food directly to your car curb side. We ask that you please call ahead, e-mail our office, or text via the new PetPro app, so that our team can get your medications and therapeutic diets together for you and check you out over the phone with a credit card. When you arrive, please call and let us know what numbered location you are in so that a team member can bring your medications and food directly to your car.

Video Conference Appointments:

Please ask our team members about our new 

PetPro app for smart phones!

This way you can arrange for an appointment time to discuss all your pet's health care needs utilizing a real time face to face consultation with our expert team so that we can continue to assist with your needs during this serious human health pandemic. 

Arranging For Video Consulting Services for EBVH Clients:

1. Please call and speak to our client care team to arrange for an appointment for video consulting at 508-378-2700. 

2. You can download our new PetPro app. for videoconference or we can utilize Skype and set up a Skype account.  

How to download Skype and set up an account (Click on Link):

3. You will need a computer with video conference capability (including working camera, speakers, and microphone) and Internet connectivity or a mobile device with video chat capabilities which are standard for most modern smart phones. You will also need an e-mail address for us to forward the video conference invitation link to. 

4. Once you have either a Skype account and an appointment, our client care team will call at the time of the appointment to arrange for payment over the phone with a credit card. If you are using the PetPro app., you can pay through the app as well. The cost of a 30 minute video consult will be the same as our in-person appointments ($65 examination/professional time fee) and includes video consultation with one of our veterinarians so that we can visually examine your pet utilizing video conferencing with your assistance.  Our team can then arrange to schedule any diagnostic and/or treatment recommendations that we may have for you and how we can accommodate your pet's medical needs while reducing in-person contact during this human health pandemic.  

5. For Skype calls, at the time of the scheduled video conference, our client care team will send an invitation via e-mail that includes a link to the video conference call. When you clink on the link in the e-mail, you will automatically be started in the call with the veterinarian.  (Please note that if you do not see the e-mail link in your in box please check spam/junk mail folders). For the PetPro app., the call will cone directly to your phone at the time of your appointment. This may sound like many steps; however, it is easier than it sounds and we are here to help you walk through these steps as needed. We are instituting all that is necessary for our team to stay in touch with you and your furry family members during this time to assist you with their medical needs.

Home Delivery of Your Pet's Medication and/or Food (Click on Link):


For our clients who have concerns about their pet and due to Covid-19 concerns can not visit the office in-person, we encourage you to contact our staff to discuss all of these options in detail so that we can assist you in caring for your pet while keeping you and your family safe.  


If your pet requires immediate emergency care, please contact either of the local 24-hour emergency centers below.

1) New England Animal Medical Center 

595 West Center Street
West Bridgewater, MA
(508) 584-1600
(508) 580-2515 (Emergencies)

2) VCA South Shore (Weymouth)                                      

595 Columbian Street 
South Weymouth, MA 02190                                           
(781) 337-6622

We want to ensure our clients that we are taking the necessary measures to continue to offer the needed medical care for your furry family members throughout this period of time while protecting the health and safety of you, your family, and our staff.  

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet's care and please contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions or concerns as we are available in the office, by phone, e-mail, or Facebook to assist you.


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